Amy Henry

Amy Henry, a native Idahoan, is a Christian Conservative and staunch Republican who obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Northwest Nazarene University. She is running for her first term in Idaho State House of Representatives District 13 Seat B. She has been affiliated with far-right Idaho Freedom Foundation since speaking publicly in favor of school choice, including the defunding of public schools. Henry also founded Nampa Parents for Freedom and Liberty to help push educators and school institutions with an influx of public record requests.

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News • Kevin Richert, Idaho Ed News • 07/10/2023

Council member Amy Henry of Nampa, a former basketball coach, said districts routinely use fundraising drives to defray uniform costs.

News • Kevin Richert, Idaho Ed News • 03/21/2024

House Seat B, District 13: Rep. Kenny Wroten (incumbent); Amy Henry; Steven Tanner. Wroten, of Nampa, cast one of the swing votes in the House Revenue and Taxation Committee this session, helping to block a $50 million private school tax credit bill.

News • Alexandra Duggan, Idaho Press • 11/15/2021

Amy Pope Henry, a parent in the Nampa School District, was invited by the IFF to speak on SEL in the October webcast. She founded Nampa Parents for Freedom and Liberty, testified in favor of Idaho Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin’s indoctrination task force efforts and has been involved with conservative legislators’ efforts to influence education. Henry said at the event that she’s been filing multiple public record requests to the district to gather information on social emotional learning....

Henry encouraged other parents to flood schools with public record requests, something she said she’s been doing fairly often to keep tabs on the district where she learned of SEL within the curriculum, and she gave instructions for parents on how to do it. Henry said she has a whole group that works together to file these requests.

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