Bob Vickaryous

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District 1 House B

Bob Vickaryous has deep ties to North Idaho, born in Creston, B.C., and raised with farming roots. With a background in logging and farming, Vickaryous champions pro-liberty ideals and opposes a constitutional convention, advocating for traditional amendment processes. While running as a Democrat, he holds conservative views, aiming to reclaim the party’s historical principles. A member of the John Birch Society, he emphasizes an informed electorate and advocates for limited government intervention in education and healthcare, favoring free enterprise systems. Vickaryous supports individual freedom and opposes socialism, advocating for decentralized education and gun rights in schools, funded through user fees rather than government subsidies. If elected, he seeks to foster understanding and bridge divides among constituents.

News Stories

Editorial • Ben Olson, Sandpoint Online • 04/05/2024

Bob Vickaryous is
running as a Democrat in the primary
election for State Representatives, Seat A.

News • Lauren Reichenbach, Bonner Count Daily Bee • 03/26/2024

The slate of candidates in the May 21 legislative races has firmed up after filings closed last Friday, with District 1 seeing 16 candidates campaigning to represent the area covering most of Bonner County and all of Boundary County.

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