Britt Raybould

Britt, a native of eastern Idaho, graduated from Sugar-Salem High School, Boise State University, and Westminster College. She currently holds the position of CFO at Raybould Brothers Farms and is the founder of Write Bold, a consulting firm focused on small business strategy and marketing. Britt has held several prestigious roles, including past president of the National Potato Council and past chair of the Ag Affairs Committee at the Idaho Potato Commission. She has also been active in politics as a past Madison County Republican Party Youth committee person.

News Stories

News • Kaitlyn Hart, East Idaho News • 05/02/2024

Two opponents are campaigning this year to secure a position as Idaho Representative Seat B for District 34.

News • Laura, Idaho Press • 03/19/2024

Two new bills meant to improve aspects of Idaho’s foster care system head to the governor’s desk after advancing through the Legislature.

SB 1379 limits the use of short-term rentals for young foster care youth, and SB 1380 creates an independent ombudsman office to review complaints from those impacted by the foster care system.

News • REP. BRITT RAYBOULD , The Jefferson Star • 05/08/2024

Our infatuation with technology, from smartphones to electric cars, signals a growing reliance on electricity that strains our power grid. The Idaho Advanced Energy Consortium champions the state's potential to lead in energy production, leveraging collaborations among elected officials, business leaders, and industry experts. Through initiatives like the Intermountain-West Nuclear Energy Corridor Tech Hub, IAEC secures substantial funding to drive innovation in nuclear energy, underscoring Idaho's pivotal role in shaping the future of energy.

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