Carl Bjerke

Bjerke, a seasoned public safety leader with 32 years of experience, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Holding an Associate Degree in Respiratory Therapy and a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership, he has served in various roles throughout his career, including Deputy Chief of Operations for the City of Santa Monica Fire Department. His work history includes experience as a respiratory therapist, a mortician’s apprentice, a firefighter, paramedic, captain, training captain, division chief, battalion chief, and training chief. He has also collaborated with city and county governments, private sector entities, health districts, hospitals, and other police and fire departments. Bjerke’s leadership style and cooperative demeanor have been instrumental in fulfilling his responsibilities. Demonstrating a commitment to public service and a deep understanding of local and state government issues, he is seeking his second term in the Idaho State House of Representatives.

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