Chuck Lowman

Lowman, a lifelong Idahoan with a passion for the state, has a background in wildlife management and service. He studied wildlife management at the University of Idaho and worked for the Idaho Fish and Game. Following 9/11, he served as an Army Chaplain, providing spiritual support to soldiers for over ten years, including deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2019, he returned to Idaho with his wife and four children, settling in Sandpoint.

News Stories

News • Emily Bonsant, Bonners Ferry Herald • 04/25/2024

Chuck Lowman, an Army veteran, is also running for seat 1B.

“I am here because I have proven I am a serving leader,” he said. “I’m the kind of person who wants to take time and understand the problems and issues we have, not just from my team's perspective. But we need to understand the whole perspective, so we can understand the whole problem.”

“I’m not going to be that kind of politician that goes along with how a caucus or party tells me how to vote,” Lowman said. “I’m here to represent you, listen to the whole argument and get the whole argument. Then ultimately, I will stand before my creator for eternity for my choices. The Idaho Freedom Caucus, the Idaho Republican Party, the mainstream caucus, they’re not going to stand for eternity on how they voted.”

News • Evie Seaberg, Bonners Ferry Herald • 05/02/2024

Lowman is concerned about what is in local libraries and said he has seen obscene materials that have come out of them. However, he is also concerned about how the law is currently written, noting that eventually insurance companies could dictate library materials. Current wording could be used against those fighting for the management of explicit materials, with books like the Bible having the potential to be removed.

“As a conservative Christian, I know that the Bible is offensive to some folks,” he said. “What day is the Bible going to be banned from libraries, not because of a law that’s passed, but because an insurance company says it’s not wise to have it there?”

News • Evie Seaberg, Bonner County Daily Bee • 02/20/2024

Chuck Lowman, a District 1B candidate for the Idaho House of Representatives, is focusing his campaign on three areas: education, economy, and efficient government.

Lowman, a past Eagle Scout, missionary, and veteran, said North Idaho is facing many important issues, which prompted his decision to run for office.

“I firmly believe that respectful, truth-focused dialogue is one of the most important things we can do to combat the division so common in politics these days.”

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