Clay Handy

Clay, a fourth-generation Idahoan and long-standing Cassia County resident, boasts over 35 years of extensive political and community service. His commitment has seen him serve eight years on the Burley City Council and another eight as a Cassia County commissioner. His involvement in healthcare is marked by a 13-year tenure on the Cassia Regional Hospital board, including eight years as chairman, and he is the current chairman of the Cassia Regional Hospital Foundation. Clay has also led the Burley Area Development Association for eight years and held the presidency of the Idaho Trucking Association twice. His advisory roles span various statewide and regional transportation boards, Zions Bank Advisory Board, and the South Idaho Community Action Board. An avid outdoorsman, Clay enjoys hiking, skiing, fishing, and river rafting with his family. He is married to Kristine Hansen, and together they have six children, sharing a life rich in community involvement and outdoor adventures.

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