Dave Lent

Dave is a graduate of Eastern Idaho Technical College and Idaho State University, where he earned a national credential in Radiation Protection. He has served as the site-wide Training Manager for Fluor Idaho at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL), responsible for both regulatory and facility-specific training programs. Dave’s leadership extended to chairing the Energy Facilities Contracting Group, and he was recognized with a Distinguished Leadership award at the Department of Energy Headquarters in Washington D.C. for his contributions to regulatory reform and cost-cutting initiatives. His extensive experience includes consulting in the nuclear power industry, managing multimillion-dollar projects, and participating in mission-critical activities at INL since 1980. Dave has been a pivotal member of the Idaho Falls School District 91 Board of Trustees since 2006, playing a key role in educational advancements such as replacing four elementary schools and transitioning a junior high into a project-based high school. He was also involved in a committee recommended by Idaho Falls Mayor Casper that led to the creation of the College of Eastern Idaho. Married to Terri, a noted community figure in teaching performing arts to youth, Dave is a family man with five children and twelve grandchildren, enjoying time hosting at their Spencer cabin and boating on local waters.

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