Doug Okuniewicz

Daniel Okuniewicz, a resident of Hayden, Idaho, holds a B.A. from the University of Nevada and an M.A.in communication from the University of Alabama. He has accumulated extensive experience in executive management, intellectual property management, employee benefits consulting, and the management of a charitable nonprofit organization. Okuniewicz is an incumbent senator seeking his second term.

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News • Clark Corbin, Idaho Capital Sun • 03/19/2024

A bill that would require people who are paid to gather signatures for a ballot initiative or referendum to say so is heading to the floor of the Idaho House of Representatives for a vote.

On Tuesday, the Idaho House State Affairs Committee voted to send Senate Bill 1377 to the floor with a recommendation to pass it.

Sen. Doug Okuniewicz, R-Hayden, sponsored Senate Bill 1377, saying the bill would differentiate paid signature gatherers from unpaid volunteers.

“It’s essentially a truth in advertising approach,” Okuniewicz said during Tuesday’s committee meeting. “I think it gives the potential signer the opportunity to ask questions a little bit more. I liken it to shopping for something online. … you tend to look for reviews. The reviews you tend to trust more are the ones that are not written by the manufacturers, but rather by the people who have looked into it on their own and have some experience with it.”

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