Doug Toomer

Doug Toomer, a fifth-generation Idahoan, retired from a 40-year career with the Idaho National Laboratory in 2016. While he and his wife, Cindy, had planned for a quiet and leisurely retirement, troubling events both nationally and statewide intervened. Concerned with the rapid erosion of liberties he was witnessing, Doug started Stand Up For Idaho, a nonpartisan citizens’ organization that advocates for the rights and liberties of all Idahoans.

As Doug and Cindy worked to grow Stand Up For Idaho, they became increasingly aware of additional problems facing Idahoans; overreach of both the state and federal governments, unconstitutionally closing small businesses, unconstitutionally forcing mandates on citizens, parental rights being stomped on, and rampant corruption throughout the state legislature heightened their concern.

After many hours of thought and discussion, they decided that Doug should run for the Idaho Senate, where he would be able to directly influence legislation to protect Idahoans and their rights.

Doug and Cindy have been married for over 44 years and have two wonderful children, Jason and Kellie, and one wonderful daughter-in-law, Alison.

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