Edward Easterling

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District 24 Senate

Edward Easterling is a graduate of Twin Falls High School and holds a BA in Social Work from Boise State University, where he attended after studying at the College of Southern Idaho. Married for 55 years, Easterling and his wife reside in Twin Falls County, with their family including two sons, three grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. They have been homeowners in their current residence for the past 24 years.

Easterling expresses concerns about the direction of Idaho, particularly regarding legislative decisions. He highlights the impact of recent legislation, noting that 55 doctors have left the state as a consequence, which he views as a critical loss. Additionally, he critiques the underfunding of public schools, emphasizing the necessity of increased funding for school maintenance, as he strongly advocates for public education. Having spent the majority of his adult life in Idaho, Easterling reflects on the changes he has witnessed, both positive and negative. He observes what he perceives as a shift within the Republican party, with members of the John Birch society assuming greater influence.

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