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Gregory Graf is the creator of Political Potatoes and the Idaho Voter Guide. He is also the CEO of Snake River Strategies, an Idaho-based political consulting firm. Graf writes political commentary and has a podcast that discusses Idaho politics.

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News Stories

News • Clark Corbin, Idaho Capital Sun • 05/25/2021

Gregory Graf, who writes a blog called Political Potatoes, founded Idaho Conservatives, a website dedicated to sharing fact-based policy information with Idaho Republicans. Soon, Ellis and four like-minded conservatives got involved and started writing on the Idaho Conservatives blog as an attempt to take back the party and combat disinformation and extremism.

They consider themselves a group of conservative Republicans who understand the inner workings of Idaho politics. And they are tired of seeing extremists hijack their party and use it as a bully pulpit, she said.

News • , Yahoo News • 05/17/2024

This voter guide platform is the brainchild of Gregory Graf, founder and CEO of Snake River Strategies. Graf identified the necessity for a robust guide over two years ago and personally funded the platform's development to counteract misinformation campaigns seeking to sway voters through dishonest tactics.

"I saw a clear need for a dependable source of information that Idaho voters could trust," said Gregory Graf. " is designed to cut through the noise and provide clear, accurate insights into who is running for office and what they stand for."

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