James Lamborn

James, an Idaho State House candidate for District 28A, traces his conservative awakening to the transformative events of 9/11 and a profound personal encounter with Christianity after reading C.S. Lewis’s “Mere Christianity.” Originally from Seattle, Washington, where he lived for decades and actively countered liberal ideologies, James and his wife, Misty, moved to American Falls, Idaho, in 2022, seeking a community aligned with their values. Shortly after relocating, they immersed themselves in local politics, with James serving as the Vice Chairman of the Power County GOP Central Committee. His political ethos is fiercely pro-Constitution, advocating for freedoms such as speech, assembly, and gun rights, and he is a staunch opponent of mask and vaccine mandates, viewing them as violations of American liberty. Committed to reducing taxes and government overreach, James is determined to combat the influence of Republicans In Name Only (RINOs), whom he sees as a threat to conservative governance. His campaign focuses on protecting parental rights, advocating for school choice, and preserving Idaho’s conservative values.

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