Jordan Redman

A lifelong resident of North Idaho, Jordan Redman is an entrepreneur, insurance agent, and real estate developer. He studied at Whitworth College and the University of Idaho before entering the insurance industry in 2005. In2012, he acquired his parents’ insurance agency, Redman & Company Insurance, now located in Coeur d’Alene. Since 2018, he has been involved in land and real estate development and purchased several local pharmacies in 2021. Redman is an incumbent representative seeking his second term in the Idaho House.

News Stories

News • Clark Corbin, Idaho Capital Sun • 03/12/2024

The Republican-controlled Idaho House of Representatives voted Tuesday to pass a bill banning cities and counties from restricting knives, despite concerns raised that passing the bill would force municipal performing arts centers to allow knives at public concerts and performances.

Rep. Jordan Redman, R-Coeur d’Alene, sponsored House Bill 620a. Redman said knives are a form of arms that are protected.

“This bill would enact a state knife preemption law, which would prevent political subdivisions in the state from regulating the possession, sale, transfer and manufacture of knives,” Redman told legislators Tuesday at the Idaho State Capitol in Boise. “Idaho has (a) preemption law that protects firearms from local regulation, and we need to do the same for knives. It is important to remember that knives are arms too and protected by the Second Amendment. By protecting these we are doing the same as we are protecting the firearms.”

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