Kevin Andrus

Kevin, a native of Pocatello, was raised amidst the serene landscapes of a ranch outside Lava Hot Springs, fostering a deep-rooted connection to the land from an early age. After graduating from Marsh Valley High School, Kevin pursued his passion for agriculture business at Brigham Young University (Idaho), where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree. Furthering his education, he obtained his M.B.A. from Idaho State University, equipping himself with the knowledge and skills to excel in both business and ranching.

Dedicated to service and faith, Kevin embarked on a transformative two-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Panama, where he cultivated invaluable experiences and a profound sense of purpose. Today, Kevin’s professional endeavors are intertwined with his familial heritage, as he diligently serves as a rancher and horse trainer on the family ranch.

In the tranquil community of Lava, Kevin finds solace and joy alongside his beloved wife and their five children. With a steadfast commitment to his family, faith, and the land, Kevin embodies the spirit of resilience and stewardship, leaving a lasting impact on those around him.

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News • Kevin Andrus, The News-Examiner • 05/04/2024

In a bustling community, amidst discussions on sports, opinions, and events, there's a solemn acknowledgment of lives lost in the obituaries section, juxtaposed with the vibrant energy of classifieds and contests. In this narrative, political voices emerge, like Rep. Josh Wheeler and Sen. Mark Harris, sharing their legislative achievements and perspectives, while Rep. Kevin Andrus contributes his column, enriching the local journalism landscape.

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