Marco Erickson

Marco was born in Montana and raised in Boise, Idaho. He earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Montana State University and a master’s degree in psychology from Walden University. With 14 years of experience in eastern Idaho, Marco has provided direct mental health services to families and managed several state government departments focusing on education and public and behavioral health. His projects have addressed critical issues such as anti-bullying, mental health, homelessness, suicide prevention, drug and alcohol treatment, Medicaid, maternal and child health, and drug prevention. He serves on various nonprofit boards and local committees that aim to foster positive community change. Marco has been married for 22 years and is a father to five children.

News Stories

News • Chuck Malloy, Idaho Capital Sun • 12/12/2023

The Bonneville County’s Republican Central Committee's confrontation with Rep. Marco Erickson of Idaho Falls might be a misstep. Unfazed by threats to his legislative position, Erickson plans to contest precinct offices, aiming to shift political dynamics within the party towards rational discourse. Alongside five other GOP legislators, Erickson faces scrutiny for alleged breaches of the state party platform, yet he dismisses the committee's influence, having secured his seat without their endorsement. Criticisms center on his support for bills deemed contrary to party ideals, such as those backed by the Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry. Similarly, Rep. Barbara Ehardt, also targeted, finds fault with the committee's metrics, emphasizing constituent demands over ideological purity. Both legislators challenge the committee's alignment with extreme positions, denouncing it as hijacked by unsuccessful or excessively doctrinaire figures. Erickson, focused on pragmatic governance, prioritizes public investment over rigid adherence to party scores, highlighting his commitment to effective leadership. As political tensions escalate in Bonneville County, Erickson sees an opportunity for a transformative shift if like-minded individuals rally around pragmatic solutions, setting the stage for a potentially dramatic political reconfiguration.

News • David Pace, Post Legislature • 12/04/2023

All six Idaho Falls legislators now under 'investigation' by GOP Legislative District Committees

News • Wilson Criscione, Idaho Capital Sun • 03/21/2024

State lawmakers also pass two other bills that would increase regulation and oversight of youth treatment homes

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