Marsha Craner

Marsha Craner has been a resident of District 34, Madison County, for 32 years, where she and her husband raised their four children. Their children graduated from Madison High School, actively participating in orchestra and band, while the family also engaged in Civil Air Patrol activities. Marsha and her husband have dedicated their careers to teaching in East Idaho schools throughout this time, with Marsha recently retiring. While initially not seeking political involvement in her retirement, Marsha recognized the need for representation and decided to step forward. She believes it’s essential to address the lack of diverse voices in Idaho politics and is committed to amplifying the perspectives of her community. Marsha emphasizes the importance of citizen initiatives as a means for genuine representation and vows to prioritize listening to her constituents’ concerns and needs.

News Stories

News • David Pace, East Idaho News • 05/02/2024

Six candidates took the stage at Wednesday’s “Meet the Candidates” forum at the Romance Theater, giving Rexburg residents an opportunity to hear from those running for office in Legislative District 34 and local Madison County races.

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