Robert Blair

Blair, a fourth-generation Idahoan from Kendrick and a University of Idaho alum, is a farmer and entrepreneur deeply rooted in the community. Currently running for the Idaho Senate in District 6 Seat 1, Blair brings a blend of experience and community engagement to the political arena. His unique insights stem from a six-week travel experience in Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil, enhancing his appreciation for the U.S. Constitution’s foundations. Recently appointed to represent District 6 in the Idaho Legislature, Blair’s committee assignments in Agriculture, Resources and Environment, and Education reflect his passions for education quality, Idaho’s agriculture and forestry sectors, and environmental preservation. As a dedicated Republican, his governance principles prioritize commonsense solutions, property tax relief, conservative values, Second Amendment rights, and the advocacy of District 6’s industries and beliefs.

News Stories

News • William L. Spence , Lewiston Tribune • 02/05/2022

Drinking from a fire hose can be a little disconcerting at times, but for two freshman lawmakers from north central Idaho, it’s also been fun.

Sen. Robert Blair, R-Kendrick, didn’t even find out he’d be here until November. That’s when newly elected Lewiston Mayor and state Sen. Dan Johnson asked Blair to substitute for him for the 2022 session.

“It was like, ‘OK, I’ll do it.’ ‘Great, pack your bags,’ ” Blair recalled.

Rep. Lori McCann, R-Lewiston, had a little more advance warning. She was appointed to office last May, after former Lewiston Rep. Aaron von Ehlinger resigned his seat. She attended the three-day session last November, when the 2021 session finally ended, but had to wait for the ’22 session to get the fully monty.

News • Norma Staaf , Clearwater Progress • 01/13/2022

Robert Blair was sworn in as the District 6 (Nez Perce and Lewis counties) state senator last Friday, Jan. 7. Senator Dan Johnson named Blair as his substitute for the legislative session, which began Jan. 10. On the same day, Johnson began his term as the mayor of Lewiston.

Blair said he was excited for the opportunity. He will serve on the senate resources and environment, agriculture and education committees.

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