Alison “Ali” Rabe

Ali Rabe, originally from Boise with a childhood in Middleton, currently holds a B.A. in political economics with summa cum laude honors from The College of Idaho, and is pursuing a J.D. with cum laude distinction from William & Mary Law School. She is admitted to the Idaho State Bar and serves as the executive director of Jesse Tree, a nonprofit organization in the Treasure Valley dedicated to averting eviction and homelessness. Additionally, Ali holds a position on the board of trustees at The College of Idaho.

In her current role, Ali advocates for communities grappling with homelessness and serves as an asylum and refugee officer for the Department of Homeland Security, overseeing various locations such as the U.S.-Mexico border, Turkey, El Salvador, and multiple U.S. regions. Her professional journey extends internationally, as she contributes to safeguarding agricultural land rights for communities in Cambodia and Sierra Leone through roles in esteemed nonprofit organizations.

Ali’s achievements include being recognized as a 2012 Boren Fellow. Beyond her professional pursuits, she finds solace in hiking and reading, while cherishing quality time spent with her son.

News Stories

News • Mia Maldonaldo, Idaho Capital Sun • 03/25/2024

A bill that ends Boise’s Section 8 and rental application fee ordinances is headed to the Idaho governor’s desk after passing both legislative chambers.

House Bill 545 passed the Senate in a 26-9 vote Monday afternoon.

Sen. Doug Okuniewicz, R-Hayden, opened the debate, noting that its purpose is to prevent local governments from enforcing local rent control ordinances.

“A local government unit shall not enact, maintain or enforce an ordinance or resolution that would have the effect of mandating Idaho property owners to be forced to participate in an optional Federal Housing Assistance Program, or any other program or law that would otherwise regulate rent fees or deposits charged for leasing private residential property,” according to the bill.

“It’s simply trying to make sure that a city or county can’t require you to lower your rent at your rental property,” Okuniewicz said. “That’s it in a nutshell.”

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