Barbara Ehardt

Barbara is honored to serve her second term as an Idaho legislator, staying true to the principles and promises she made, particularly in upholding the Constitution and actively defending 1st Amendment rights, including freedom of speech and religion. Her ability to unite people stems from her extensive background in sports, having been a Division I women’s basketball player and coach at institutions like UC Santa Barbara, Brigham Young University, and Washington State, and head coach at Cal State Fullerton. Barbara is nationally recognized for her advocacy for girls and women in sports and is the author of the pioneering “Fairness in Women’s Sports” legislation, now adopted by 12 states. She views her legislative efforts as part of a broader spiritual battle to affirm and celebrate the distinct roles of men and women. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Barbara was instrumental in initiatives to resume traditional grading in schools, form parental support groups, and expedite the reopening of schools and the state of Idaho.

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News • Kyle Pfannenstiel, Idaho Capital Sun • 02/07/2024

A new bill introduced by Rep. Barbara Ehardt, R-Idaho Falls, proposes to prohibit Idahoans elected to state or federal offices, including the Idaho Legislature, from concurrently holding elected city, school, or highway district positions. Sponsored by Rep. Ehardt, the bill mandates the vacating of local elected positions if officials assume higher-ranking governmental roles, with an effective date slated for Jan. 1, 2025, pending passage. The proposal aims to address instances where several legislators have simultaneously served in local offices, such as Rep. Rick Cheatum on Pocatello City Council and Rep. Chris Allgood as a city councilor in Caldwell, with examples extending to former officials like Thyra Stevenson and Dan Johnson, highlighting the common practice being targeted by the legislation.

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