Miranda Marquit

Miranda Marquit, MBA, was raised in Idaho Falls, a graduate of Skyline High School. She’s a nationally recognized financial writer, podcaster, and money expert, covering the economy, investing, the markets, personal finance, student loans, healthcare policy, and more. Miranda serves the community on multiple local and state nonprofit boards, focusing on solving issues like food insecurity, housing affordability, accessible childcare, and effective healthcare. She’s active in the local Bonneville County Democratic Party, including being elected as a PCO and as Chair of the committee.

Miranda has also volunteered for many community grassroots efforts, including getting CEI designated as a community college, fighting for Medicaid Expansion, and helping the Bonneville County team with the recent Open Primaries ballot initiative. When not actively working in the community or running her content creation and consulting business, Miranda enjoys playing (and occasionally hosting) trivia downtown, attending local arts events, hiking, camping, reading, and playing board games and Magic with her son and their friends.

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