Brian Lenney

Lenney, a Southern California native, moved to Nampa, Idaho with his family in 2010. Embracing conservative values akin to figures like Pat Buchanan, Lenney has been a vocal supporter of the America-first movement. Lenney serves as a state senator and is an entrepreneur in the direct-response marketing industry and has authored children’s books such as “Why Everyone Needs An AR-15: A Guide for Kids” and “Why Is Feminism So Silly.”

Lenney is a member of the Idaho Freedom Caucus and maintains a high score with the Idaho Freedom Foundation. He’s worked closely with far-right groups to sponsor bills supporting private school vouchers, anti-SLAPP legislation, and opposition to vaccines. While unsuccessful in promoting these bills, he continues to promote technology solutions for agriculture and the fight against using migrant workers in Idaho farming.

News Stories

News • Clark Corbin, Idaho Capital Sun • 11/15/2023

Senate President Pro Tem Chuck Winder has removed Sens. Glenneda Zuiderveld and Brian Lenney as the vice chairs of their committees and reprimanded Sen. Scott Herndon over editorials and comments that Winder said attacked other senators.

News • Laura Guido, Idaho Press •

The Republican primary race for the Idaho Senate District 13 seat will again see Brian Lenney running against Jeff Agenbroad

News • Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM • 11/02/2023

Lenney, who moved to Idaho from California and is now in office representing District 13, is best known for his Twitter presence. Those engaged in local politics would be hard pressed to go a day without seeing something of Lenney's floating around on the internet--throwing around terms like "woke", "radical left" and "libs"--fitting for the way that our political rhetoric has evolved to be so loaded these days. He's also known for blocking people on Twitter quite often--seeing screenshots of folks being blocks by Lenney is not an uncommon occurrence.

Editorial • Mike Murphy, Idaho State Journal • 02/17/2023

On his website, Idaho legislator Sen. Brian Lenney, R- Nampa, states, “I’ll fight against every woke, social justice, Critical Race Theory loving progressive shill who shows up at the capitol to try and turn Idaho into a socialist dystopia….”

If you can plow through all the propaganda techniques in that sentence like ad nauseam, name calling, disinformation, among others, you begin to get a glimpse of Sen. Lenney’s political priorities.

To learn more about Sen. Lenney, it also helps to analyze some of the books he has written, books such as “Why Everyone Needs an AR-15: A Guide for Kids.”

Editorial • The Editorial Board, Idaho Statesman • 05/14/2024

Brian Lenney, a California transplant who’s as far right as they come and, as Agenbroad points out, doesn’t represent the values of Idahoans or residents of District 13. He certainly doesn’t represent their interests. Lenney declined to interview with the editorial board. As a general rule, the editorial board won’t endorse a candidate who doesn’t agree to an interview.

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