Christy Zito

Christy Zito was born, raised, and educated in Utah. She then relocated to Idaho and became active in political affairs; she has served as a precinct committeewoman, state committeewoman, and contributed to resolutions and rules committees. Zito’s advocacy extended to national platforms by representing the National Farmers Union and chairing the Friends of NRA committee. She has served two previous terms: one in the Idaho State House of Representatives and one in the Idaho State Senate.

Zito worked closely with Greg Pruett and his Idaho Second Amendment Alliance group. She took over for a while while Pruett was being sued for defamation. Zito is a close ally of the Idaho Freedom Foundation.

News Stories

News • Associated Press (AP), KVOA News Tuscon • 02/25/2020

An 11-year-old girl toting a loaded AR-15 assault weapon appeared Monday at a legislative hearing with her grandfather, who is supporting a proposal that would allow visitors to Idaho who can legally possess firearms to carry a concealed handgun within city limits.

Charles Nielsen says he backs the legislation but his granddaughter didn't speak at the meeting.

Republican Rep. Christy Zito said the legislation is intended to clear up confusion about state gun laws.

News • Daniel Moritz-Rabson, Newsweek • 05/22/2019

Republican Representative Christy Zito mentioned abortion, which is legal in Idaho before age 18 with approval from a parent or judge, when discussing the vote.

"It will then become easier in the state of Idaho to obtain an abortion at 15-and-a-half years old than it will to decide to form a family," Zito said, according to Boise State Public Radio.

News • Betsy Russell, Spokesman-Review • 01/29/2018

Friday was the deadline to file personal bills in the Idaho House, and more than a dozen were submitted, with all but three of them sponsored by outspoken Rep. Heather Scott, R-Blanchard. All personal bills in the House are referred to the House Ways & Means Committee, a leadership-dominated panel where they typically die. Last week, House Speaker Scott Bedke, R-Oakley, said that’s always been his practice, and he’s following the lead of previous House speakers. Bedke said allowing personal bills to be heard would evade the committee process – aside from personal bills, all bills must receive a committee’s support to be introduced and get a bill number.

Today, freshman Rep. Christy Zito, R-Hammett, rose on the House floor and asked unanimous consent to send her personal bill – HB 428, to ban lobbyist gifts – to the House State Affairs Committee instead of the Ways & Means Committee. When there was an objection, Zito made a motion, and the House went at ease.

News • Kevin Richert and Blake Jones, East Idaho News • 01/19/2022

The Durst-Zito bill, dubbed the “Idaho Parental Freedom in Education Act,” would have allowed parents to review all documents pertaining to their child’s education, visit schools and classrooms “without prior consent or notification,” and refuse medical devices or treatments.

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