Cornel Rasor

Cornel Rasor, a lifelong Idaho resident, grew up in Bonner County on his family’s cattle ranch and attended local schools, Following high school, he studied veterinary science at the University of Idaho. Married for 47 years with three grown children and 16 grandchildren, Rasor has managed the Army Surplus Store in Sandpoint for 41 years and owned it for the past 2 years.

News Stories

News • Emily Bonsant, Bonners Ferry Herald • 04/25/2024

Cornel Rasor, former Bonner County commissioner and business owner, is running for seat 1B. He criticized Idaho government spending. He said he’ll call back voters, as he did as commissioner.

Editorial • Jim Jones, Idaho Ed News • 04/24/2024

McShane works in tandem with far-right groups and individuals that benefit from having friendly officials in positions of influence. The collective “money, consultants, PACs and messaging work like a machine to ensure a tiny group gets unqualified candidates elected who will remain loyal and vote for the self-serving interests of the collective group’s demands.”

According to the Secretary of State’s website, eleven candidates have used McShane’s services to the tune of more than $300,000 through March of this year. They include Scott Herndon and Cornel Rasor in District 1, Carl Bjerke in District 5, Christy Zito in District 8, Brandon Shippy and Jacyn Gallagher in District 9, Chris Trakel and Lucas Caylor in District 11, Jaron Crane in District 12, Barbara Ehardt in District 33 and Brett Skidmore in District 35. Past McShane customers include Branden Durst, David Reilly and Wendy Horman.

News • Mike Weland, 9B News • 02/27/2024

In 2008, Cornel was elected by his neighbors to the Bonner County Board of Commissioners, where he served as chairman of the board. While there he successfully defended Bonner County from an attempt by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to close off nearly 400K acres of public lands.

As commissioner, he established the first-of-its-kind county advisory board called the “Property Rights Council,” which focused on reviewing government activities to determine whether they may have caused adverse impacts to private property rights. Unlike many governmental advisory boards, it sought private solutions instead of automatically proposing expanded government.

News • Caroline Lobsinger, Bonner County Daily Bee • 04/28/2024

In the race for the Idaho House 1B seat, Republicans Chuck Lowman and Cornel Rasor both seeking the party's nod for the seat while Bob Vickaryous and Kathryn Larson are facing off on the Democratic ticket.

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