Dan Bridges

After growing up and graduating from high school in Atlanta, GA, Dan Bridges attended the U.S. Air Force Academy and then served as a pilot in the Air Force during wartime service in Desert Storm. Bridges spent many weeks sitting on alert at the end of a runway, prepared at a moment’s notice to refuel B-52s on their way to the Soviet Union in the case of a nuclear conflict. As a longtime commercial pilot, Dan Bridges has decades of experience working professionally with diverse fellow crew members.

News Stories

Editorial • Dan Bridges, Idaho Press • 02/11/2024

For a potential perpetrator, not knowing what kind of armed response might arise around the corner or on the other side of a door in a school is an incredibly powerful deterrent and would create considerable doubt of success. Idaho is full of great citizens who safely use firearms on a regular basis. It is a powerful resource that should be utilized for the safety of every child in our schools. And it would add another layer to every school’s security system already in place, widening the moat between insanity and our children.

News • Shaun Goodwin, Idaho Statesman • 05/02/2024

Treasure Valley voters will be most interested in legislative districts 10 through 22, which make up Ada, Canyon and part of Gem counties. Residents will vote for their district representatives and senator based on their address. You can check which district you live in by inputting your address on the Idaho Legislature’s “Who’s My Legislator” page.

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