Rachel Hazelip

Rachel Hazelip is an Idaho native who was raised in an active homeschooling community. With a degree in public policy and a focus on international affairs, she is currently pursuing a Ph.D. specializing in Chinese Affairs. Hazelip has served as an executive officer in the Canyon County Republican Central Committee and, in 2023, worked in research and analysis with a Washington D.C. think tank. She lost against long-time incumbent Mike Moyle in 2022 and seeks her first term as Idaho House Representative again this year. Hazelip has the formal endorsement of far-right Idaho Freedom PAC and its affiliate group Stop Idaho RINOs.

News Stories

News • Kevin Richert, Idaho Ed News • 04/11/2024

First, Moyle must survive a repeat primary challenge. Nampa Republican Rachel Hazelip, who garnered 44% of the vote in 2022, is running against Moyle again.

With 26 years’ experience in the Statehouse, including 18 years in House leadership, Moyle carries a considerable edge in name ID.

News • Abby Davis, KTVB7 • 02/13/2023

Policy 3281 would have allowed students the freedom to use whatever school facility they're comfortable with. On Monday, community members testified before the school board about the policy.

"I don't think anyone should be able to say that's okay for children to be possibly sexually exploited or put in an uncomfortable situation," community member Rachel Hazelip said.

News • Betsy, Idaho Press • 05/04/2022

House Majority Leader Mike Moyle, R-Star, a farmer and longtime legislator, is facing a challenge from the right in the May 17 GOP primary, writes Idaho Press reporter Erin Banks Rusby, from 24-year-old Rachel Hazelip, a Nampa history teacher, who contends the state is moving away from conservatism.

"This is the year that we will determine at our elections on May 17, 2022, whether or not our state returns to its conservative roots, or slides blue because we are a red state but we are under blue management," Hazelip said.

Hazelip identifies her top issues as medical freedom, tax relief and education, including doing away with social-emotional learning in schools; Moyle says his are tax relief, more doctors, and water.

News • Shaun Goodwin, Idaho Statesman • 05/02/2024

The candidate filing period for Idaho’s primary election on May 21 closes at 5 p.m. Friday, meaning any individual hoping to run for office will be unable to do so after the deadline.

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