Stephanie Mickelsen

Stephanie, born in Idaho Falls, Idaho, graduated from Blackfoot High School and earned an associate degree in economics from BYU-Idaho. A seasoned potato farmer, Stephanie has also made significant contributions in various leadership roles, including serving as the former Idaho Farm Bureau State Director and a trustee at the College of Eastern Idaho. She currently chairs the Bonneville Jefferson Groundwater District and co-chairs the Idaho Groundwater Appropriators. Stephanie is also a board member of the Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center (EIRMC). Married to Mark, they are proud parents to Andrew, Michelle, Sam, and Chelsea, and doting grandparents to 14 grandchildren.

News Stories

News • Rett Nelson & David Pace, East Idaho News • 03/11/2024

The support for Rep. Stephanie Mickelsen from the Republican party has been withdrawn following a vote by the Legislative District 32 Committee last Thursday. The committee issued an Article 20 platform enforcement resolution against Mickelsen, stating she can no longer identify as a Republican in her campaign materials for the next five years. This decision was based on allegations that she and Senator Kevin Cook violated the party platform during a public hearing. Despite this, Mickelsen insists her affiliation remains unchanged, as her Republican filing was accepted by the secretary of state, and she plans to continue running as a Republican. The issue escalated after both lawmakers were also censured regarding their stance on school choice and for disclosing petitioners' names and allegations to the media. The committee accuses them of neglecting previous requests to adhere to party rules, which are revised biennially by Republican voters. Mickelsen defends her actions by highlighting her commitment to the U.S. and Idaho Constitutions over the shifting party platform, criticizing the censure process as divisive and unnecessary. The ongoing dispute has sparked a broader discussion about party enforcement and the role of voter representation, suggesting potential legal challenges ahead.

Editorial • STEPHANIE MICKELSEN, Idaho Statesman • 03/12/2024

In 2022, I was elected to represent District 32 and Bonneville County in the Idaho House, swearing an oath to uphold the U.S. and Idaho constitutions and committing to serve my district diligently. However, this commitment has not sufficed for the Bonneville County Republican Central Committee, which has attempted to censure me and Sen. Kevin Cook for the second time, accusing us of straying from party lines by opposing a proposal to divert public funds to private schools. This accusation led to a summons to stand trial before a party tribunal for supposedly violating my right to free speech. Under the party's current rules, receiving a second censure could lead to a five-year prohibition from using Republican identifiers. This move has led me to consider the disparity between needing a majority from over 52,000 voters to be elected and the power of just 20 precinct committeemen on the District 32 Legislative Committee, of whom only nine were elected, to decide my party affiliation. As I prepare to run for re-election, I am reminded of George Washington’s warning about political parties and their potential to empower "cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men" to usurp the power of the people. I stand firm in my commitment to serve my district, not the whims of a central committee.

News • Brian Holmes, KTBV News • 03/12/2024

In Boise, Idaho, the Legislative District 32 Committee voted to censure Rep. Stephanie Mickelsen and restrict her from running as a Republican, citing violations of the party's platform established under Chair Dorothy Moon in 2022. This move follows multiple amendments to the state party rules since their inception, specifically invoking Article XX which empowers district committees to enforce platform adherence. Despite this, Mickelsen remains defiant, pledging to continue representing her constituents' interests over party dictates and challenging the committee's authority to determine her party alignment.

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