Ben Adams

Ben Adams, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, completed two combat tours in Afghanistan. Raised by Christian missionaries, Adams spent his childhood in Ukraine before relocating to Emmett and attending Emmett High School. Following his military service, Adams worked as a project manager and football coach before pursuing education at Boise State University with G.I. Bill benefits. In the Senate, he is active on committees in Resources and Environment, Finance, and Local Government and Taxation. This incumbent senator is seeking his second term; he formerly served as Idaho State House Representative District 13B from 2020-2022.

News Stories

News • Bryan Clark, Idaho Statesman • 11/08/2021

This is not the first time Adams has supported the rhetoric of killing. He’s used it himself. Adams was prominent for two things last session, his first in the Legislature. The first was advancing a bill, admirable in intent if legally flawed, to require a formal declaration of war from Congress before Idaho National Guard troops would be deployed overseas.

The second was a fiery speech that seemed to come out of left field as the Legislature reconvened, following a recess due to COVID-19 spread in the Capitol. Adams invoked the prospect of war at home.

News • Nicole Blanchard, Idaho Statesman • 05/15/2024

Adams served in the House from 2020 to 2022 and is finishing his first Senate term. He sponsored a bill this year to make synonymous the legal definitions of “gender” and “sex,” as well as one prohibiting the use of public funds for gender transition procedures. Both became law.

News • Kyle Pfannenstiel, East Idaho News • 03/05/2024

“Congress routinely now authorizes the president’s use of military force by means other than a declaration of war, and that a governor cannot object,” bill sponsor Sen. Ben Adams, R-Nampa, who served in the Marine Corps, told the Senate. “Not only does this fly in the face of the state’s authority over its own militia, but it is this routine abdication of congressional authority that highlights the necessity of this legislation.”

News • Laura Guido, The Lewiston Tribune • 04/15/2023

Sen. Ben Adams, R-Nampa, sponsored SB 1100, and said he felt the civil cause of action was needed because it is “empowering the citizens.”

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