Dori Healey

Healey is an Idaho native, advanced practice nurse in Boise, and Idaho President of the American Nurses Association. Healey advocates for patients and health care providers. Beyond her professional roles, she supports various charitable causes for children and veterans and actively engages in community service initiatives. She is a one-term incumbent seeking her second; she is running unopposed in the Republican primary.

News Stories

News • Clark Corbin, Idaho Capital Sun • 01/23/2024

Boise Republican Rep. Dori Healey is pushing for a new bill in the Idaho Legislature that would reestablish a maternal mortality review committee in state law.

News • Laura Guido, Idaho County Free Press • 02/13/2023

Skaug and Rep. Dori Healey, R-Boise, sponsored HB 465, which adds to Idaho’s penalties for child pornography to include AI-generated images that appear to be real children.

News • Audrey Dutton, Idaho Capital Sun • 03/02/2023

House Bill 264 would create some legal infrastructure for the industry. The bill is cosponsored by Boise Reps. Brooke Green, a Democrat, and Dori Healey, a Republican.

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