Jane Sauter

Sauter was born and raised in southern Minnesota, completing her education at Austin Christian Academy in 1981. She studied theology at Christ for the Nations Bible Institute in Dallas, Texas, receiving an Associate’s degree. Jane has been actively involved in Republican activities since 1990, serving in various roles such as Chief Election Judge and Precinct Committee person. She is motivated by her faith to run for the office of State Representative for District 1.

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News • Emily Bonsant, Bonners Ferry Herald • 04/25/2024

There was also a question on geoengineering and chemtrails over Idaho skies, noting Tennessee has passed a law prohibiting geoengineering and chemtrails. Candidates were asked what their stance is on geoengineering for the state of Idaho.

Mark Sauter said he also has seen the lines in the sky, but wants to do more research and talk to experts before making a decision.

Jane Sauter also said that she did not have as much information on the topic, but wants to know more about it and its purpose.

Hutchings relied on his pilot experience and explained that contrails are left by water vapor and diffuses.

News • Evie Seaberg, Bonners Ferry Herald • 05/02/2024

Candidates were also asked what actions they support to reverse harm caused by Idaho’s abortion ban.

Herndon and Jane Sauter both fully supported the ban the way it is, saying life begins at conception. Both said no exceptions should be made for rape or incest.

Editorial • Rita Cortright, Bonner County Daily Bee • 04/16/2024

Did you know:

Jane Sauter’s main goal is to protect Idaho's children and families from radical agendas and to support the right of parents to make wise choices for their children.

Editorial • Jane Sauter, Bonner County Daily Bee • 04/04/2024

Jane Sauter has announced her campaign for the Idaho State Representative District 1 seat A.

Sauter said she hopes to bring a fresh perspective to the State Representative office in District 1, and would like to remind voters that she is not related to the current representative for District 1A, Mark Sauter, though they share the same last name.

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