Spencer Hutchings

Hutchings, a gun store owner and Marine Corps veteran. Hutchings enjoys the support of the Idaho Freedom Foundation, Stop Idaho RINOs, Think Liberty PAC, and Idaho Citizens Alliance.

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News • Laurel Demkovich, The Spokesman-Review • 03/05/2023

The bill would protect health care providers from threats and harassment by allowing them to apply to the Secretary of State’s Confidentiality Program to keep some of their personal information private.

The state House of Representatives on Tuesday voted 59-38 to pass the bill. Only two Republicans, Rep. Spencer Hutchins, R-Gig Harbor, and Rep. Michelle Caldier, R-Gig Harbor, voted in favor.

News • Mike Baker, New York Times • 05/15/2022

Spencer Hutchings, a candidate for the State House, was the one who advocated making machine guns generally available. Scott Trotter, a candidate for U.S. Senate, promised to sing a Christian worship song on the floor of the chamber on his first day in office. Dorothy Moon, a candidate for secretary of state, called for Idaho, which has one of the nation’s highest concentrations of public lands, to reclaim control of them from the federal government.

Editorial • Luke Omodt, Sandpoint Reader • 09/13/2023

The Fifth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States guarantees rights to the accused. In my upcoming proceeding, on Tuesday, Sept. 19, the same BCRCC members who regularly attend and disrupt the Bonner County business meetings — Dan Rose and Spencer Hutchings, to name two — get to file allegations and then sit on the jury.

Is this a new form of justice, where members of a private organization get to be disruptors, victims, judge, jury and executioner all under the banner of a private organization? Due process is supposed to be a hallmark of the republic.

News • Lauren Reichenbach, Bonner County Daily Bee • 03/27/2024

A relatively quiet meeting was disrupted when resident and state representative candidate Spencer Hutchings walked to the front of the room while others were giving public comments, demanding to be allowed to speak.

When Hutchings refused to return to his seat, it forced a recess to be called until he complied.

Hutchings had been attending most of the meeting via Zoom, with his virtual hand raised, requesting to speak. Commissioner Luke Omodt, the current chair of the board, typically allows residents who have shown up in person to speak first, then moves on to those who have signed up via Zoom.

News • Emily Bonsant, Bonners Ferry Herald • 04/25/2024

Jane Sauter, who is also running for seat 1A, said she does not believe Mark Sauter represents liberty-loving constitutional conservatives.

“My other opponent [Hutchings] has a track record of being disruptive in public meetings,” she said....

Spencer Hutchings, who is a former Marine and gun store owner in Sagle, is running for seat 1A.

“I’m hoping to be your advocate for your rights, liberty, freedom, lower taxes and smaller government down in Boise,” he said, noting the Idaho government has grown too large and Idahoans are being overtaxed.

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