Jon Chu

Jon Chu

District 16 House B

Dr. Jon Chu aims to contribute a doctor’s perspective to the Statehouse and address the critical doctor shortage. With nearly 30 years of experience in medicine, his focus on healthcare encompasses both physical and mental well-being. Despite retiring from medicine following personal loss, Dr. Chu remains committed to meaningful societal contributions.

Driven by concerns regarding the legislative impact on doctor-patient relationships and healthcare, Dr. Chu seeks a more direct role in public service. He highlights the need for practical solutions to Idaho’s healthcare access challenges, such as declining specialists and rural hospital closures.

With a career centered on patient-centered care in the Treasure Valley, Dr. Chu brings extensive experience in family medicine and end-of-life care. He aims to advocate for accessible healthcare for all Idahoans, drawing on his diverse background and commitment to public service in the Idaho Legislature.

News Stories

News • Mia Maldonado, Idaho Capital Sun • 05/16/2024

These four Boise Democrats — with advocacy, legislative, medical backgrounds — are vying for former Rep. Colin Nash’s position

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