Josh Keyser

Josh Keyser is running against Senate Pro Tem Chuck Winder. Winder, a former fighter pilot, has come under attack from Keyser’s allies in the Idaho Freedom Foundation network of organizations. Winder had removed multiple Idaho Freedom Foundation-aligned Senators from committee leadership positions for breaking rules of decorum and posting dishonest attacks against other members of the Idaho Senate. Keyser’s campaign is seen as retribution for Winder’s choice to stand up to the Idaho Freedom Caucus and Idaho Freedom Foundation’s negative tactics.

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News • Jacob Scholl, Idaho Statesman • 04/29/2020

Two other former Boise police officers — Joshua Keyser and Jeffrey Triplett — also filed tort claims against the city regarding the same incident. Keyser has filed a lawsuit in connection with his claim, according to state court records, doing so on April 21 and naming the Boise Police Department and a number of ranking officers.

News • Margaret Carmel, Boise Dev • 05/09/2024

Joshua Keyser and Jeffrey Triplett also filed a claim in court alleging they reported the chokehold against their trainee and were told they could resign from BPD or be fired. Along with Berg, they alleged their training records were altered in retaliation for making the report.

Keyser eventually filed suit against the City of Boise, but his case was dismissed before it went to a jury trial in June 2021 after his lawyer pulled out of the case, and he did not replace him.

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