Julianne Young

A sixth-generation Idahoan, Julianne was raised in Moreland, Idaho by her parents, Richard and Kerma Hill, who instilled in her the values of hard work, critical analysis, compassionate service, and a fearless commitment to truth. A graduate of Snake River High School, she furthered her education at Ricks College and earned a degree in education from Idaho State University. It was at Ricks College where she met her husband, Kevin Young, also deeply rooted in Idaho. Together, they are raising ten children on a small hobby farm in the Groveland area, complete with Jersey cows, a vibrant flock of chickens, and a geothermal greenhouse. The Young family enjoys hiking, camping, music, and theater. In her legislative role, Julianne is known for her principled, conservative leadership, championing the inspired principles of the U.S. Constitution which emphasize limited government and the protection of individual unalienable rights, believing these to be crucial for societal safety, happiness, and prosperity.

Prior to her election in 2018 she served her community through church service, as a Webelos Scout leader and Chapter leader for the Freedom First Society which is an offshoot organization of the John Birch Society.

News Stories

News • Andrea Olson, East Idaho News • 05/08/2024

An incumbent from Blackfoot and a local from Shelley are running against each other for a seat in Legislative District 30, Seat B

News • Andrew Baertlein, KTVB • 05/13/2024

MLW fired off mailers attacking Rep. Julianne Young (R-Blackfoot) for her voting record allowing porn in Idaho libraries. However, Rep. Young voted to restrict "materials harmful to minor" in Idaho libraries many times over across multiple bills between 2023 and 2024 legislative sessions.

The mailers also include Rep. David Cannon (R-Blackfoot) and Sen. Julie VanOrden (R-Pingree) in the accusation. It misrepresented their voting records too.

"It just means they’re a bunch of damn liars. That's the problem with this whole thing," Speaker of the House Mike Moyle (R-Star) said. "It's false. It's lies. Misrepresented. It's sickening."

Moyle found himself in MLW crosshairs too. The PAC pumped mailers to his district to offer the label “anti-guns.” The flyer points to Senate Bill 1173 that wanted to protect an individual's right to brandish a firearm as an act of self-defense. Moyle voted in favor of the bill, and it later became law.

News • CBS 2 News Staff, CBS 2 News • 01/23/2024

BOISE, Idaho (CBS2) — Idaho State Representative Julianne Young is looking to replace the terms embryo or fetus with preborn and stillborn child in existing law.

Young stated inaccuracies exist with the law regarding the terms, saying there must be correct words and definitions.

"The existing definition for fetus in statute as it stands now is inconsistent with the common understanding of what a fetus is," Young says. She adds the change will make terms clear and consistent.

News • Idaho News 6 Staff, Idaho News 6 • 01/09/2024

The Idaho House State Affairs Committee introduced a bill on Tuesday seeking to change how the state refers to the unborn in Idaho.

H0381, introduced by Republican Rep. Julianne Young of Blackfoot changes official statute language from “fetus” to “preborn child.”

Critics say the change in language moves Idaho law further away from medical accuracy and could create legal ambiguity around IVF treatments and some forms of birth control.

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