Lance Clow

Lance Clow served 18 ½ years on the Twin Falls City Council, including six as Mayor, before joining the Idaho State Representative for District 24A in 2002. He has held this position he has held for the past twelve years. Lance’s tenure in the legislature has been marked by his participation on the Idaho House of Education, Business, and Local Government Committees. He was the Vice Chairman of the Business Committee from 2014 to 2018 and later chaired the House Education Committee.

News Stories

News • Clark Corbin, Idaho Capital Sun • 09/25/2023

Over 60% of Idaho House members, led by Rep. Lance Clow, have endorsed a petition for a special session aimed at repealing legislation that inadvertently eliminated the state's presidential primary, despite lacking similar support from the Senate as a critical deadline approaches.

Editorial • Lance Clow, Idaho ED News • 04/17/2024

Amid rising concerns about the Idaho Republican Party using censure to enforce strict conformity, it is imperative to remember that true leadership fosters an environment where diverse opinions are respected, ensuring the representation of all constituents over rigid party dogma.

News • Jim Jones, Idaho ED News • 11/28/2023

Despite Representative Lance Clow's critique of the Open Primaries Initiative as potentially favoring Democrats, notable Republicans across Idaho, including former high-ranking officials, support the measure, challenging his assertion of its partisan impact.

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