Tammy Nichols

Tammy Nichols currently serves as Central Committeewoman in Canyon County and co-chair of the hardline conservative Idaho Freedom Caucus– she has received endorsements from both organizations as well as a high Freedom Index rating by the Idaho Freedom Foundation. She served two terms in the Idaho State House of Representatives from 2018-2022 and then switched chambers to the Idaho State Senate. During her tenure, Nichols ran a bill to attempt to ban the use of mRNA vaccines in all mammals and fought against the Idaho Patient Act. This bill lowered the fees medical debt collection attorneys could add to people who owed medical debt.

News Stories

News • Jason Wilson, SPLC Hatewatch • 03/15/2023

Third-term Idaho state Sen. Tammy Nichols has associated publicly with several extremists in recent weeks, first posting a photo of herself at a GOP fundraising event with a white nationalist YouTuber she praised as “amazing,” and last week appearing on the show of a far-right livestreamer to promote a state House bill that would criminalize the administration of COVID-19 vaccines.

News • Bruce Y. Lee, Forbes • 02/18/2023

If two Idaho state lawmakers get their way, it would become a criminal misdemeanor to administer a Covid-19 mRNA vaccine in Idaho. Yep, you heard that correctly. State Senator Tammy Nichols and State Representative Judy Boyle, both Republicans, have co-sponsored House Bill (HB) 154 for Idaho, otherwise known as the “Gem State.” Yeah, this bill is quite a gem if you’ve been collecting all of the “WTF” moments from the Covid-19 pandemic.

News • Tracy Bringhurst, Boise Weekly • 06/14/2022

While counter protesting an abortion-rights rally held at the Idaho Capitol on May 14, Rep. Tammy Nichols, R-Middleton, was photographed with convicted felon Bryan Jacob Hayhurst.

In 2009, the Idaho Department of Corrections described Hayhurst, who then went by Bryan McGonigal, as a "dangerous" sex offender. In 2004, a Bannock County judge sentenced him to prison for felony injury to a child, court records show.

News • Keith Ridler (AP), KTVB • 10/14/2021

A far-right Idaho Republican lawmaker has posted a meme on Twitter appearing to advocate violence against journalists, educators, conservationists, the state’s largest university and other organizations ahead of an upcoming election in November.

Rep. Tammy Nichols on Tuesday posted an image showing former President Donald Trump, a red-colored Idaho image covering his head and face, carrying a barbwire-wrapped baseball bat and others behind him with their heads covered with logos representing 11 groups, including KTVB and Boise State University.

News • Haley Hardin and Audrey Dutton, Idaho Statesman • 07/28/2020

A Treasure Valley state legislator is under fire from local health system employees after she shared a Facebook post about a Caldwell pediatric nurse practitioner who died from complications of COVID-19. The post, which Rep. Tammy Nichols, a Middleton Republican, shared Wednesday without comment, referred to news coverage of Samantha Hickey, who died July 13 at age 45 from a cardiac complication of COVID-19. The Facebook post by a person named Cate Tedeski implied that Hickey’s death was being misrepresented by the news media to scare the public.

News • Daniel Walters, Investigate West • 05/13/2024

Freedom Caucus Network power broker Maria Nate blasted controversial state Rep. Heather Scott for support of “moderate” House speaker

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