Jarome Bell

Bell is a retired Chief Petty Officer with 27 years of service in the United States Navy. He completed multiple deployments and flew over 9,000 hours as a Naval Aircrewman supporting military missions. Bell served under various U.S. Presidents throughout his career and held positions in San Diego, Atlanta, and Norfolk. Following his retirement, he worked as a School Safety Officer in Virginia and coached football in the public school system. Bell also ran unsuccessfully for Congress in Virginia’s 2nd district in 2020 and 2022 before moving to Idaho.

Jerome Bell is a self described “America First” candidate who closely aligns with the Idaho Freedom Foundation and is endorsed by far-right Idaho State Senator Brian Lenney.

News Stories

News • Ryan Suppe, Idaho Statesman • 09/21/2023

In an interview with the Idaho Statesman last week, Bell defended his comments that people convicted of voter fraud be executed, and stood behind more recent ones, including that President Joe Biden be tried for treason and executed if found guilty.

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