Jeff Cornilles

Jeff Cornilles is a fourth generation Idaho native and finance professional; he has worked at Cornilles Financial Services in Nampa for 25 years. He contributes to organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club, Breaking Chains Academy of Development Inc., and the local Salvation Army. He is actively involved in the Rotary Club, Nampa Chamber of Commerce, and serves as a commissioner of the Nampa Development Corporation. He is seeking his second term with endorsements from former Governor Butch Otter

News Stories

News • Erin Banks Rusby, Idaho Press • 05/07/2024

Cornilles, 63, said constituents need a voice at the state level who understands the community’s concerns and needs, including those of cities and local governments, “since we’re not subject matter experts on most things.”

That includes having the contacts to provide answers and guidance based on the needs at home.

“So that’s why I’m running, because I have those connections,” Cornilles said. “I’m interested in helping Nampa and doing it for the right reasons.”

News • Ryan Suppe, Kevin Richert, Idaho Ed News • 03/12/2024

The House Revenue and Taxation Committee narrowly rejected House Bill 447, which would have created a $50 million tax credit and grant program to subsidize private school tuition. The split vote marked the latest chapter in Idaho’s debate over school choice, a loose heading of proposals directing taxpayer funds to private education in the form of tax credits, education savings accounts or school vouchers.

News • Jeremy Stiles, KTVB7 • 02/22/2023

“The issues were if somebody donates these signs, these posters of ‘In God We Trust’ and it has a logo on it of their business or the charity or a family name or whatever else on there, is that appropriate? And a lot of you didn’t think it was appropriate, and I concur,” Cornilles said as he presented the new draft. “We took it back and we put those sideboards in.”

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