Larry Dunn

Larry Dunn is a U.S. Marine veteran who serves on the Board of Trustees for Mountain View School District #244 and the Idaho County Republican Central Committee. During his time on the School District Board of Trustees, Dunn cut tax-payer funding to local public schools. Dunn and Kyle Harris (who is running for District 7A) have been endorsed by incumbent Mike Kingsley, who, against the wishes of health professionals, supported suspending the Idaho Maternal Mortality Review Committee before the effects of the state abortion ban could be investigated. Kingsley is also head of the Idaho Freedom Caucus PAC: the state’s most hardline conservatives. Dunn is also endorsed by abortion abolitionist Idaho Senator Dan Foreman of District 6– he is known for removing rape and incest exceptions from Idaho’s abortion laws. With support from Kingsley, Foreman, and the Idaho Freedom Caucus, Larry Dunn is seeking his first term in office.

News Stories

News • , Idaho County Free Press • 04/16/2024

I haven’t met anyone opposed to my candidacy, yet. I assume, however, that any Marxist-globalists in District 7 will not be happy I am running to be our next State Representative at Seat B. I am not concerned with allaying their concerns because they are plainly on the wrong side. Period.

News • Ian Max Stevenson, Idaho Statesman • 01/18/2024

An Idaho Republican senator wants to remove exceptions in Idaho’s abortion laws that allowed the procedure in cases of incest and rape reported to law enforcement. It would make certain death of the pregnant patient the only legal defense for an abortion.

News • Lorie Palmer, Idaho County Free Press • 02/07/2024

“The levy has failed four times and that makes it a very serious business for everyone in this room,” patron Shelley Dumas said. “There’s no meat left to cut. A two-year levy is a pittance for what the district is trying to do. I want to address the elephant in the room. Are all board members in favor of the levy?” ... “At this point, I am not,” board vice chair Larry Dunn stated. He said he wants to go through the upcoming budget workshops as part of the process of deciding if a levy is needed. “I want to see it all. This [process] is good for us. I’m not going to tell you something I cannot follow through with.”

News • Kevin Richert, Idaho Ed News • 04/08/2024

Butch Suor of Stites, District 7, House Seat B. Incumbent Rep. Charlie Shepherd of Pollock will face Larry Dunn of White Bird in the primary.

News • Lorie Palmer, Idaho County Free Press • 03/20/2024

Menough made the motion to hold a two-year, $2.936 million levy, which was seconded by vice-chair Larry Dunn, White Bird....Shelly Dumas, Grangeville: “Paying our property taxes is a shared privilege to maintain the public services we all need and use, including public education. It is unbelievable we have elected school board members who don’t believe in advocacy for school excellence and solvency, and that we spend so much effort trying to appease them. Enough.”

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