Megan C. Blanksma

Blanksma, originally from Nampa, obtained a degree in Economics from the University of Idaho and relocated to the Hammett valley, engaging in farming for more than two decades. A dedicated conservative Republican, Blanksma has actively participated in party affairs since her teenage years in Canyon County. Throughout her involvement, she has held positions within the Idaho Republican Party, including serving as Precinct Committee Person, State Committee Woman, and Chairman of the Elmore County Central Committee. She is seeking her second term in Idaho House District 8 Seat B; she had served in District 23B in 2016-2018. She is affiliated with Idaho Chooses Life, a conservative anti-abortion organization.

News Stories

News • Kyle Pfannestiel, Idaho Capital Sun • 02/05/2024

Blanksma’s bill, which would place the maternal review committee in the Idaho Board of Medicine, would mean Idaho’s maternal mortality review committee wouldn’t rely on federal funds, like it did before, Blanksma told the committee. Banskma questioned providing blanket immunity for people involved in investigations, and said confidentiality can be addressed.

News • Clark Corbin, Idaho Capital Sun •

The vote to oust Blanksma appeared to occur behind closed doors during one of several House Republican caucus meetings Thursday. There was no public vote or announcement on the House floor. House Republicans have not disclosed the vote against Blanksma or the votes to retain Dixon and Manwaring.

News • Ian Max Stevenson, Idaho Statesman • 02/09/2024

Rep. Megan Blanksma, R-Hammett, was removed from her position as majority leader, the most senior position in the House after Speaker Mike Moyle. The vote against Blanksma came a day after she was the lone House leader to vote against budgets passed by a panel of lawmakers — an apparent statement made over a new controversial process for setting state agencies’ budgets.

News • Kyle Pfannestiel, Idaho Capital Sun • 04/11/2024

“This is a difference of opinion,” Rep. Megan Blanksma, who sponsored the Medicaid waivers bill, told the Idaho Capital Sun in an interview. “The governor has one opinion, and the Legislature has a different opinion. And it’ll all get worked out in the end.”

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