Cindy Carlson

Cindy Carlson is self-proclaimed hard core conservative and currently serving as a state senator. She is a member of far-right Idaho Freedom Caucus. She is endorsed by the censured former Rep. Priscilla Giddings who made headlines for sharing a teenage intern rape victim’s personal information online in 2021. Carlson’s involvement with her community’s youth extends to her past school board membership of Joint School District #241 and #243. Carlson is seeking her second term in Idaho’s District 9 State Senate.

News Stories

News • Rebecca Bone, AP News • 11/15/2021

Members of the Idaho House of Representatives voted 49-19 on Monday to remove Rep. Priscilla Giddings, a Republican from White Bird, from her seat on the Commerce and Human Resources Committee, for “conduct unbecoming a legislator.” The censure came after an ethics committee found that Giddings used social media posts and a newsletter to disseminate the name of a young legislative intern who reported that she was raped by one of Giddings’ colleagues. The committee also unanimously found that Giddings repeatedly lied and was disrespectful and combative with the ethics committee as they investigated the matter.

News • Mia Maldonado, Idaho Statesman • 03/13/2023

Giddings, a far-right former legislator from White Bird, lost her bid for lieutenant governor in the 2022 Republican primary to Scott Bedke. Giddings, first elected in 2016, was removed from a legislative committee in November 2021 and censured after she shared a Redoubt News article that identified the victim.

News • CBS2 News Staff, Idaho News • 03/20/2024

Many people testified against a bill that would prohibit certain materials from being made available to minors in a school or public library. Senator Cindy Carlson from Riggins presented the bill to the Senate State Affairs Committee today.

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