Kyle N. Harris

Kyle Harris is a small business owner who seeks his first term in the Idaho State House of Representatives. His platform identifies strongly with his endorsement by incumbent Mike Kingsley, who, against the wishes of health professionals, supported suspending the Idaho Maternal Mortality Review Committee before the effects of the state abortion ban could be investigated. Kingsley is also head of the Idaho Freedom Caucus PAC: the state’s most hardline conservatives. With support from Kingsley and the Idaho Freedom Caucus, Harris is seeking his first term.

News Stories

News • Kevin Richert, Idaho Ed News • 04/05/2024

Kingsley is endorsing Lewiston Republican Kyle Harris, who will face Jim Chmelik of Cottonwood in the May 21 GOP primary...First elected to the House in 2016, Kingsley is a member of the Idaho Freedom Caucus, a group that includes many of the Legislature’s hardline conservatives. In his post, Kingsley said he will stay on as head of the Idaho Freedom Caucus PAC.

News • Amanda Sullender, The Spokesman-Review • 08/06/2023

Rep. Mike Kingsley voted for the legislation in 2019 and said he believed maternal mortality to be an “important” issue, but added the committee had “served its purpose.”

News • Audrey Dutton, Idaho Capital Sun • 02/20/2023

Rep. Mike Kingsley, R-Lewiston, said he voted in favor of creating the committee back in 2019. But now, after reading the reports it has issued, “they all seem to identify the same thing: substance abuse, mental health. So, I think this has served its purpose,” he said...Fred Birnbaum, a representative of the Idaho Freedom Foundation, spoke to oppose the bill.

He argued that it was designed to increase government spending and cause more low-income pregnant and postpartum Idahoans to be covered by Medicaid, to ensure they have health care.

News • David Rauzi, Idaho County Free Press • 05/01/2024

Nostrant, a Democrat from Boise, is running for State Rep. 7A, who will be on the November ballot, facing the winner — either Jim Chmelik of Cottonwood or Kyle Harris of Lewiston — in the upcoming May 21 Republican primary.

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